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What are you talking about?

The below bit from your article about religion... where is this in the article? I read the whole thing, and saw no mention of religion...

"My hunch is that the person who wrote this Medium post is not American, from a number of clues in the text. And they also have their own axe to grind, possibly of a religious nature -- there is a very weird bit towards the end where he claims that the ancient sims of Kapor and Omidyaar have an Easter Egg hunt and game-style "Easter Eggs" on them, a terminology he finds "offensive to religious believers" -- a number of times he invokes the offenses to Christian or Jewish religious sensibilities by SL content placed by Lindens -- and this is difficult to take seriously. I have been in SL 20 years and I never heard of the gay "Easter Egg hunt" but if there is such a thing, I can't believe it could possibly be offensive to any but the most strict born-again anti-gay types -- and even they would have to prove this was "gay" just because it had rainbow -- with a pot of gold."


Except, you reference tweets and that's not the base of them at all.
"Meanwhile, several Twitter accounts, most unattached to any recognizable RL (or even SL name) have popped up, with their own creepy child avatar or cub avatar type pictures in the profile, to cluck about this terrible article. One claims she brought these allegations to LL already and got no response. I think as a manager I myself would default to wondering if this is an intra-furry community battle where one is trying to sic the Company on another as a type of weapon -- a very old SL story. They aren't to be believed with their anonymous and child-like profiles, especially when you get the usual moron jumping in to say "oh noes, anime cartoons aren't at all like children blah blah blah"."
You reference Overseasister, you shared the article with their own experience in SL. You reference Dolly_Waifu, who is a respected blogger and shop owner, and then-- you reference DepressoSL, who is responding to the local fucking nutjob Prokofy, who confused Overseasister's twitter pic-- of an anime character who is an adult-- as being a child and trying to undermine the actual importance of the article and their experience.
You claim Robert should have had more links, you should have had less if the context of those links was going to go right over your head.


OH YOU ARE THE LOCAL FUCKING NUTJOB PROFOKY, this makes total sense now.

Prokofy Neva

1) I'm not interested in debating this piece with a bunch of anonymous furry cubs who themselves are part of the problematic culture.

2. I was mistaken about the religious reference and corrected my post here -- the bit about the rainbow and the doors comes from ANOTHER author on this subject, in an even earlier post of May 2023:


I added some comments on what I view to be an even loonier piece at the end here.

3. Again, people who are anonymous in virtual worlds -- especially people who THEMSELVES are children or cubs -- especially people who try to waste everyone's time that they are "only little people" and "not children" and people are "confused" about their pictures blah blah. They are NOT the people I wish to debate this topic with. Look up the term "waifu," look at the culture it comes from, look at the pictures that often depict it, and stop being ridiculous.

4. In fact, I'm turning off comments because I'm endlessly harassed for no reason merely for calling for an end to anonymity by those who make claims -- I'm not anonymous and I'm linked to my RL name. I'd advise you freaks to do the same if you want credibility.

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