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Journalist Bob Tanner

So you made a video? Nice work, Prokofy!



Or you could just learn how to draw.


So you had to write a novel about how butthurt you are that someone told you you were wrong about lag scripts. LOL.



Prokofy Neva

1. I didn't make that video, it's a Woodbury griefing caper.
2. I can't learn how to draw. Meanwhile, you could learn Russian.
3. I wasn't wrong about anti-theft scripts, and you're the creep that had to rant for days on end because somebody dissed your alpha wolf lol.
4. Yeah, you're proving again that you are a misogynist violent freak and too much of a weakling to say the name of your inworld business and avatar.


I don't know how telling someone to shut up is considered "violent" or "misogynistic" in any way shape or form.

Your constant inane babble is impressive. The fact that you held onto this hatred for me over something that happened two years ago now, is really impressive. I really enjoy how you highlighted I bullied you when in factual nature I told you to just shut up. Had you just shut up and left things as is? You wouldn't get as you say "bullied". If you had left it alone, left everything alone? You would be one less headache.

No one gives a fuck about you Fitzpatrick, and I want to make that perfectly clear to you. Not Walt, Not Exo, not anyone on your list of 'Internet Thugs' gives a rats ass about you at all. Even after this 'truth bomb' of a blog post do we care. You are about as important as shit on the ground. I need to be so clear with you on that. So please in the kindest wat possible, go find a corner to be sad in and fucking: https://tenor.com/view/shut-up-hank-hill-king-of-the-hill-peggy-hill-aliantos-gif-13502210

Prokofy Neva

Sometimes it's good just to let someone as disgusting as "ThatEerieEric" to keep talking as he just illustrates my critique more and more. A cartoon husband shouting at his meek wife to shut up and turning her into red mist is indeed misogynist and violent, like the other cartoons sent me showing people being beat up to a pulp. The record easily shows that you mined my RL and my vandalized Wikipedia and promised to DM people to "show people I'm a racist" etc. etc. -- just a load of crap. Hilariously, I'm supposed to "just shut up" when one of Walton's goons tells me to??? Really??? Don't you see how you all ARE? It truly doesn't matter if anyone cares about me because my mission here is accomplished: showing your gang up for what you are, all of you. I have no intention of going in any corner and "being sad". Meanwhile, you can be blockled from commenting as we're done here.

Big man here, who can't say his name inworld or his business name, let alone his RL name.

Bob Tanner

Um, the video clearly says it's made by you and it's literally released by your pseudo-business Ravenglass University (Trump University springs to mind).

Furthermore, the video is literally filmed from your account and your perspective, doing things only you could have done. Are you saying that a representative of Woodbury University gained access to your apartment and filmed this from your computer? Absurd!

Prokofy Neva

Um, I didn't make such a video, which involves me chasing around a giant effigy of my RL head, um, no. It's very easy to spoof things like that.

They stalk me, come up behind me with the viewer interface turned on so my name is showing hovering over my head, then they film THEIR OWN viewer as they stand behind me, making it appear as if I'm filming myself, supposedly ejecting this alt named "PatrickFitzProkofy" who is theirs, not mine.

Notice you never see the OWNER of that viewer on the screen -- no accident! -- and in fact when they supposedly eject the giant head...it doesn't eject and keeps appearing. And PS, the head is not even on my land, but the neighbour's land. So it's a spoof of an obvious kind of the sort that we could easily shred years ago, and people need to treat online info today, with much more AI capacity, with the same skepticism.

There are a zillion copybotted Prokofys, accounts with my name seemingly, etc., griefers who enter groups pretending to be me and so on. Funny thing: all those brand-new alts are permanently banned, and yet I'm not.

Somebody also made a YouTube account using my business name "Ravenglass" -- I have no such thing called "Ravenglass University," that's ridiculous.

And you're obviously a griefer yourself with a fake name and using the Tor anonymizer so we won't be hearing from you again.

Frankie Antonioni

So Radio Free Ravenglass on Youtube isn't your channel either? Sounds exactly like something you would make, something outta the Cold War.

And the video literally shows your avatar name and what seems to be your computer.

Prokofy Neva

Of course it's not, don't be ridiculous. It has one video on it only I think LOL. These are made by griefers. I have no need or wish for such a channel. They themselves pick things out of my biography like my old job at RFE/RL years ago and try to replicate it with alts, griefing themes etc. and endlessly rang the chimes on the Soviet/Stalin memes. Funny how people laugh at Soviet mass death but they wouldn't get away with doing that about the Nazis now, would they?

The Cold Was actually something to have fought even harder so that we didn't get the Russia we have today, invading Ukraine. It was absolutely the right response to mass crimes of humanity, the worst in history. These children mock it just out of ignorance.

The video DOES NOT SHOW A VIEWER WITH MY NAME. Look at it closely. You will not see ANY name on the VIEWER. The actual name of the VIEWER is CUT OFF. What you see is the HOVER TEXT of my name over my avatar's head, then they open up the viewer nearby to make it APPEAR as if it is "my computer." But it definitely is not. They came up behind me to imitate me. And I might be trying to ban that ridiculous head effigy *as well* but it's not on my land if you look closely. It's on the fishing game's land.

I wonder why you always take the side of the griefers Frankie, shame on you.

There's actually TWO videos on that channel which is NOT mine and was NOT made by me. The second one shows a griefer's viewer and his inventory, which is NOT mine. In this very small inventory (mine is far bigger) you see the infamous "Ravenglass Fridge" and the person making the film rezzing out this grief build all over Alston. That would not be me, doing that on my land, to disrupt my tenants and neighbours.

No, it was Scott Detritus, Tizzer's hubby, who got ahold of land on Ravenglass and put up that ugly Fridge and kept it there for years. We ignored it.


Frankie Antonioni

Why would griefers make Radio Free Ravenglass? Isn't that more like your thing? Why would they support your worldview or tactics?

And the avatar looks exactly like your avatar? And it shows your name throughout the video, moving around a lot, filmed not as a screen capture, but filming the computer from inside what appears to be your room. It would have taken effort to fake that, especially 12 years ago. Perhaps you just forgot about your video? Which seems to document your skills in banning griefers?

Frankie Antonioni

You literally made the video and posted it on your blog on 07/02/2012 with the title "Head Will Roll" to showcase your skill in chasing away griefers.

Your are becoming old and forgetful. 🧓🧓

The film is entirely filmed and made by you from inside your apartment. This means Ravenglass University is also your channel. What kind of university was that? What degrees and courses did you offer?

Prokofy Neva

No, once again, I did not make the video or the channel. I don't know how to make machinima at all. If I knew how to do *that*, you can bet I'd be making a lot more than two videos! But I never learned, although I've always thought I should take the time.

I explained to you how they much of done it -- the viewers don't show a name, and don't show my inventory.

The video and the channel were made by griefers -- Tizzers/Scout/Woodbury. You have always taken the griefers' side while pretending not to be one yourself. But at this point, you're clear part of the harassment so we're done hearing from you now.


I seem to remember how it was always Frankie who showed up in the comments, here and elsewhere, telling the world about Tizzers' latest island, the moment it appeared. It was almost like he was proudly announcing it to the world, and you wondered, how did he know that Tizzers had a new island the second it was created and before it was public knowledge, unless he hang out with the them and they were buddies? In fact he seems to be the source for much of the information about Tizzers' shenanigans. He also once claimed to have adopted Tizzers, but this could be some kind of ploy they concocted together, some kind of prank on Prokofy or others.

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