Rental Dementia

Rental Dementia: Have a Cup of Tea in the Orangerie

Skye-Parisian-Apartment-3 (1)

Long ago in 2016 when I started my Bed & Breakfast rentals, I decided to test the theory of customer service in a virtual world. How far would it go? How much would people ask? What would be a reasonable price to charge? If you offered customized things like ordering different furniture or removing furniture or doing annexes to builds -- how much would it take of your time and effort? What would people be willing to pay?

Answer: endless amounts of your time; and nothing.

For awhile, I ran "Ravenglass Customized" for only 25L per bulk delivery, and insanely cheap price. Then I ended it. It wasn't used that much and when it was, it took too much time and energy -- "Do you like this? Or that?"

The Hausmann Vision

So imagine you are a girl in a virtual world (not Pixeleen) and you have this actually rather pedestrian, low-brow wish: to live in a beautiful Parisian Hausmann apartment with the Parisian skyline out the window. There are a range of Hausmann knock-offs on the MP, you can spend from low to high and get something terrible to something not all that. French people don't do this, I don't think; Americans, Germans, Japanese would, however. It's like this faux French bakery which used to be near me actually run by this chef from New Jersey where there were mainly Japanese tourists lol. I liked it, however, because I'll be the first to admit my exceedingly mass tastes and notions of having a croissant and coffee "like they do in Paris, France, Europe". Having been to actual Paris, France, Europe, I know it's a shock to realize that what Parisians have for breakfast is nothing like what I might have in that cafe on Lexington Avenue in Little India (where the Indian food isn't like India, either, but ok, that's another story, they have lots of regions).

So you have this simple desire to live a fantasy of Holly-GoLightly only in gay Paris with the view on to the Eiffel Tower (BTW it's funny that Alex Bader kind of pokes fun at that dream by NOT having the Eiffel tower visible in his faux cityscape stuck on his Parisian skybox).

Why can't it be easy? You can have the cheap or the expensive version, but you can have some facsimile of it without a lot of trouble, people have gone to the trouble to make this for you already, you don't need any skills except being able to pull a skybox out of inventory, and then a skybox rezzer out of a packing crate. You click the rezzer and et voila, there is your Paris-in-a-box. look out the windows and it is kind of a cramped view. Cam out of your skybox and you see it's just a prim with a picture. Can't there be a dome to make it more realistic and all-enclosing? And this Hausmann knock-off you bought has no orangerie, no little greenhouse indoors, whereas this other Hausmann knock-off does. Can't you put the two together? 

There are reasons for why you can't do this -- and I'm about to tell you.

So...This customer lives still in a Germanic idealist world from her country's rich tradition of romantic philosophers which in some ways got them into trouble, but that's a debate for another day. I certainly have read up on Hegel and Heidegger and Nietzsche and understand all their brilliance and potential, but like some Russian and French philosophers (and for that matter members of the Squad in Congress), there is this grand human aspiration to make reality adjust to the high vision in the mind -- no matter the time, effort, and even violence required to do so. In the virtual world of Second Life, you can do a lot of this -- that's why the Second Life logo is an eye in a hand like the Hand of Fatima symbol, and means "eye see, hand do". 

Thus, if you have an ideal image of your mass-taste faux Paris experience in a Hausmann knock-off in a box, why can't it appear? Why can't someone make it? Half a dozen people have faux Hausmanns, some in great detail. So what's the issue???

SL is the kind of place, where, if I say, "I want to make the scene where Dr. Andrei Sakharov first tested the atomic bomb, and an eagle was found burnt to death...and then people were killed...and then he tested other bombs" -- there will already be the Tsar Bomba, a dead eagle, fire and scorch marks, a Geiger counter, and much else on the Marketplace -- so that you can even make the bomb launch and make a mushroom cloud. You can find a bleak desert dome and find yurts and little Eurasian children mannequins. I mean, there really are few obstacles to the imagination in SL even if you can't put two prims together.

Still, there are limits...

The Reality of Virtuality

And yet...and yet... I know what it's like where you have this ideal of what you want to build, and then all the realities of virtuality get in the way, and you build something different.

Personally as someone who managed to flunk not only math but art class in high school, who got 400 on the math part of the SAT and 750 on the verbal, I'm not a "hand do what eye imagine" kind of person. I have trouble making a straight line on Paint, and if you couldn't line up prims by typing in numbers on the XYZ axis, which is something Barnesworth Anubis taught me on Day One in Second Life, I couldn't line up prims to save my life, especially due to the spatial optical illusions on land.

Even so, I have come to grasp some basics:

o Mesh houses don't have easily editable prim walls and floors to be able to take them out or texture them, or merge two of them by different creators together, although you do get lucky on that sometimes.

o They are often in a kind of molded "all-in-one" piece, and that piece doesn't always make sense, i.e. it's not just a door and door frame but a door frame and a wall on the other side of the building, who knows why, with no pieces to take out (it's sometimes "one land impact") and no faces to edit.

o They have UV maps or AO maps or whatever those damn things are called that take a picture and wrap it around a 3D object in space. So that's why you can't slap a texture on it -- the entire thing gets textured unless it happens to have made one "face" for only that area, i.e. the top of a table. But often it doesn't feature that, as it is extra work.

So if I don't like the grungy furniture in "Storyteller's Burrow," which really annoy me because the rest of the build is so fabulous (it's like the best and most popular gatcha of that era), I can't retexture them -- unless of course, I do, because I don't mind if the books under the bench seat become plaid-covered like the throws on the couch. I just pretend they are like those cloth book covers that the Catholic schools used to make my children cut out and stretch on to their books every year.

o Mesh houses take more land impact than prims did -- a dirty little secret of mesh that has crept up to astounding proportions. Makers like to pretend mesh land impact is only about the user wishing to expand an item foolishly. But it starts with the foolish mesh itself, which often makes objects to tack on for detail, rather than textures to stand for detail as in the old prim-heavy days. (PS sculpties generally don't increase land impact when stretched so the scorn of them is really misplaced, they are wonderful especially for fantasy and nature builds). So to reduce that problem, the item is put on "convex hull" which is a way to change the physics (or maybe they start out in that state, not sure). High land impact prim objects can be cut in a third or even half if put on "convex hull" today with the latest features of SL -- but that comes with a problem.

o If any empty volume of space is required, such as a doorway or a room, "convex hull" makes it impossible to walk into that space. So convexing a 238 prim table with legs and crenellations all over it works to go down to 124 or whatever, but not a prim house -- you can't walk into it. That's why, when I just convexed the Art Deco apartment building in Refugio, I had to go and walk each floor, and saved 200 prims, but couldn't convex everything due to the volume/walkability issue.

o Even an originally mesh item which is on convex hull automatically, so to speak, has these problems. To solve that issue, the maker puts the house on "phantom" so you can walk through the prim without problem, into those "closed" volumes of space like rooms or hallways. But now another problem is created -- when walls and floors are on "phantom," you fall out of a house up in the sky, or you walk through walls in unpleasant unrealistic ways you don't want; hence the "physics shell," which is the joined pieces the maker then layers over the house and does NOT put on phantom -- but puts on "invisible" so you can't see it.

o Sometimes if there is still a problem you can edit and remove one of these pieces or even put some of that shell on phantom; sometimes not. Changing that pre-made physics shell even if editable then can make it behave in unexpected ways. You unlink a piece, it loses "full bright" that was its previously attached piece, etc.

Physics, Math, and 3D

Pictures also don't stretch well over large curved domes or even small Surprise Egg domes as anyone can tell you who has tried -- that is, by just slapping them on or even using the map included sometimes. You must use "baked on mesh" features if you know how to use Blender and such and make a texture that will work on those eggs or I imagine, even a dome, but you need a lot of skills. Example: to make a scene even on a large prim box of 64 x 64, even, not a curved mesh dome, to have a scene wrap all around a build in the sky, I had to cut up a photo into 32 pieces, then arrange 8 panels on prims all around it. Someone with more skill might get this to work; for me, it had gaps. I might get one wall to work, and have in Crespo with images of the Peruvians' amazingly joined stones not using cement; my grand idea of taking the paintings of the 19th century Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky of Crimea, which are just wonderful, and turning them into a giant stage set -- well, not so much, although when I have more time I may try again.

I have lots of domes. None of them attempt cityscapes. Cityscapes are often found on a slightly curved prim or mesh tacked on to an apartment skybox. I have even made them myself, although not as successfully as a skilled maker like Apple Fall. But I think even Apple Fall would not attempt a complex non-tiling cityscape on a dome. That is, maybe some skylines lend themselves to be non-tiling, I don't know. If I took a photo of the 59th Street Bridge and East River outside my window and tried to port it into SL, it won't work very well without a lot of jiggering, and really pre-editing with math, which I'm not good at, did I mention? I now have a set of 14 large panoramas that Marvel made which tile well or are non-tiling, for only $289, and I can try slapping them on a dome. I think we both know this won't work. I could put them on a curved prim, and that sort of works on one side of an apartment building, although not really super well. You have to repeat the image and fool the eye "just so" -- that's not in my skill set.

Someone who has only been in SL for a year or two can't be expected to know all this or even if they were here 10 years -- you shouldn't have to pay attention to it at all. It should "just work". It should "just be there". So in one sense, the tragedy of Utopia, as I shall call her rather than to use her real name, is one not inherent in her or me or German philosophers or American politicians but just "physics" or "Linden Lab," if you will, although honestly, they have experimented to the hilt with making these things work and generally get them to work pretty well, certainly better than Facebook Horizons, where you don't even have legs.

Service is Endless and Paid Expression of Gratitude is Non-Existent

Even so, I publish this to call out an attitude that I find more in Europeans and Asians than Americans, although really, it can appear anywhere. And that is class consciousness, and the idea that anyone in a service role is someone you can ask to do endless work and impossible work, and remain cheerful, never tipping them (Europeans don't like tips; they put the tip into the bill), and even becoming irritated and angry if that long-suffering service person works hours for them without pay, in a rental for which they pay -- wait for it -- US $10.08 per month. Per MONTH. That's 8.69 euros. That is, the price of two or three lattes. They imagine that if they profusely thanked you with exaggerated praise and began talking about the soul, that this spiritual food is sufficient for your time spent.

So why not just say "no"? After 17 years as a virtual rentals agent I can spot this type coming down the track without even looking at their profile. So why? I find that with the cheapest seats paying US $1.50 per month in a 35L skybox, I just say no, and rudeness has to substitute for service because people can't understand "no," they are crazily entitlement happy. They have been given this amazingly cheap subsidized thing with a build on the ground that is nice, a skybox sometimes even with furniture, and if that is not enough, they need to look elsewhere for someone whose hobby is waiting on spoiled global youth. 

But yes, for US $10 a month, I am willing to do more -- who doesn't want to retain customers? Who doesn't want to get a sim's tier paid at least with 17.5 of such persons per month? It's not so many. Most of those 17.5 people never ask you to do a thing, ever. You never talk to them. Months -- years go by. You never look at their profile -- I never do, anyway. Then I happen to IM one and say, "Are you still renting? The rent is due" -- when it's way overdue, in fact. I don't automatically return prims. Then this person says sorry, she had to work a lot of shifts lately and didn't log on.

Oh, what line of work are you in, I ask.

"I'm a COVID nurse. How sad is that?" she replies.

And you know something? I believe her, although many might lie about this heroic role, in SL. I believe her because it's not on her profile, she never told me, I learned only by asking, etc. And so for a few brief hours a month, she wants some respite in my rentals. So you can be damn sure her prims will never be returned even if three months late, you know?

But other people who aren't COVID nurses and probably don't even wear masks to help out the COVID nurses with less patients, are more demanding. They ask and ask -- and then it's madness.

Yes, This is Crazy, and I Should Have Said No

So...why get so crazily involved? I mean, to put down a skybox; to add a teleporter; to knock out one wall -- those are reasonable things. But when someone begins to ask you to repair the badly-made corridor with a convexed hull wall you can't walk into, even though doors open into it, then enable someone to walk physically between one skybox to another through walls with realistic doors, you should say "no," because the maker of that skybox didn't make that possible, or even fix her own original build, although she actually charged $7850 (US $31.40) for this rather badly made item that wasn't really all that, except for having so many rooms that it was like a maze, and some nice wallpaper.

The solution to wishing to travel from one skybox to another is usually "a teleporter". But I thought hey, what an interesting problem to solve, to walk from one lovely Parisian apartment to another lovely Parisian apartment that has an orangerie (the first one didn't, although actually had a room that could serve as one). So I took it on, to my shame.

After some hour or more of work (someone else might do it in minutes), I got both skyboxes functioning with just one wall on phantom to walk through, and the physics shells either shrunk, or removed, and prims put in to shore it up. I put in 4 sets of doors to give the illusion of a door. It really worked great, in fact. You stepped out on a patio, and then went to a door to the Orangerie.  To be sure, skyboxes without windows, in one case, or with a lot of white roof covering in another, don't look so "real". Still, it was adequate.

But...there was this weird hallway which had an oval physics shell in it that looked like it might have even housed an elevator, but there was no elevator in the item as sold. Maybe it was taken from a store build at once time, but whatever, it has a major flaw that should be fixed. Yet as you can see, while many demands can be made of a lowly landlord humping physics shells around a lot, Utopia fears to question the Madame who made this overpriced pile because One Doesn't Do That in that culture, I guess, who knows. If it were me, for that price, I would be banging down the doors and arranging a boycott if I didn't get answers -- and have done so in the past (ionic, I'm looking at you, and your damn rare hotel which you couldn't even walk into, and it wasn't on mod, and when I returned it to you with a request to fix it, you never answered me.)

Scene: 3,450 m elevation on a platform on a Mainland rentals sim where skyboxes are rezzed out. Why are people in the sky? Not always for the reason you think. The fact is, so much ugliness goes on all around even your nicely landscaped sim on the mainland, that even with "de-render," it's just hard to take being on the ground. So people go up in the sky on platforms.

[2021/10/26 14:39] Second Life:  [X] paid you L$700.
[2021/10/26 16:01] Second Life:  [X] paid you L$700.
[2021/10/26 16:38] Utopia: Welcome
[2021/10/26 16:38] Prokofy Neva: Hi let me know if you want an autumn texture
[2021/10/26 16:38] Prokofy Neva: or your tp locked
[2021/10/26 16:39] Prokofy Neva: brb
[2021/10/26 16:39] Utopia: I'm sorry, I don't speak English, it takes a while for me to translate, I have problems
[2021/10/26 16:39] Prokofy Neva: no problem
[2021/10/26 16:39] Prokofy Neva: I'm just saying the ground there can change from summer to autumn leaves
[2021/10/26 16:41] Utopia: I have two problems, one with tp portoeanie and the other problem is I wanted to make walls with a texture, such a dome with the texture of the city of Paris, but I do not know how to go about it
[2021/10/26 16:42] Prokofy Neva: well I have domes with just the sky but making one with the city of Paris is actually quite hard as I have discovered
[2021/10/26 16:42] Prokofy Neva: all I have are windows with Paris on some of my skyboxes
[2021/10/26 16:44] Utopia: could I see these windows with Paris, is that a problem for you
[2021/10/26 16:47] Prokofy Neva: there are two of them, you can cam into them
[2021/10/26 16:47] Prokofy Neva: or I can tp you in
[2021/10/26 16:48] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to [X]
[2021/10/26 16:48] Prokofy Neva: they aren't all that
[2021/10/26 16:48] Prokofy Neva: oops wait
[2021/10/26 16:48] Prokofy Neva: sorry!
[2021/10/26 16:48] Prokofy Neva: forgot to change the group
[2021/10/26 16:49] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to [X]
[2021/10/26 16:50] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to [X]
[2021/10/26 16:50] Utopia: these apartments are very nice
[2021/10/26 16:51] Utopia: a moment just take a look around
[2021/10/26 16:51] Prokofy Neva: well I'm glad you like them, they are good as skyboxes and nice and spacious, the view of Paris is not that special, you really have to work at making these, I can show you a little one I made that works, but to make one in a dome, you have to fit together 16 photos perfectly and make them bend, it's a chore if you aren't a good creator
[2021/10/26 16:53] Utopia: you are a wonderful creator
[2021/10/26 16:53] Prokofy Neva: no these aren't mine, these are Apple Fall and Skye
[2021/10/26 16:53] Utopia: I have problems with the door
[2021/10/26 16:53] Prokofy Neva: I can put both of them on your platform if you want
[2021/10/26 16:54] Prokofy Neva: they are skyboxes, the doors don't open
[2021/10/26 16:54] Prokofy Neva: I mean to go outside3
[2021/10/26 16:55] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to [X]
[2021/10/26 16:55] Prokofy Neva: here's the other one
[2021/10/26 16:55] Utopia: it means that you cannot go out to the garden (terrace, conservatory)
[2021/10/26 16:56] Prokofy Neva: unless you put in a teleporter
[2021/10/26 16:56] Prokofy Neva: you could also buy these and put them on a prim
[2021/10/26 16:56] Prokofy Neva: and put it in front of your windows on the other one
[2021/10/26 16:57] Prokofy Neva: oh the door to the conservatory was locked, that can be opened
[2021/10/26 16:57] Utopia: this one too beautiful, I know him. The big one is great, but if you can't go out on the terrace, it's a pity. this orangery is all the charm
[2021/10/26 16:57] Prokofy Neva: I mean to go outside isn't feasible
[2021/10/26 16:57] Prokofy Neva: no you can hang on
[2021/10/26 16:57] Prokofy Neva: it has a Kool door
[2021/10/26 16:58] Prokofy Neva: ok I put those on open
[2021/10/26 16:59] Prokofy Neva: ok I did both sides
[2021/10/26 16:59] Prokofy Neva: try now
[2021/10/26 17:00] Prokofy Neva: it should work
[2021/10/26 17:00] Prokofy Neva: it is put on "everyone"
[2021/10/26 17:00] Prokofy Neva: brb
[2021/10/26 17:02] Utopia: (Saved Tue Oct 26 20:01:59 2021)if I can, I would really like this apartment, it's a pity that she spent so much on my skybox apartment
[2021/10/26 17:02] Prokofy Neva: oh dear
[2021/10/26 17:03] Prokofy Neva: well you could spend $289 more and buy the panoramas
[2021/10/26 17:03] Prokofy Neva: and put them on a prim with texture change
[2021/10/26 17:03] Utopia: can I think about it, I'd like to leave the two apartment on this skybox
[2021/10/26 17:04] Prokofy Neva: ok sure
[2021/10/26 17:04] Prokofy Neva: make sure you can open the doors
[2021/10/26 17:05] Prokofy Neva: there is a way to make this door phantom so you can walk through it, if you decide to take it, it just takes a little work
[2021/10/26 17:05] Prokofy Neva: I mean to go outdoors
[2021/10/26 17:05] Prokofy Neva: I have to relog, can't get my avatar to work
[2021/10/26 17:06] Utopia: no problem, I'll wait and think
[2021/10/26 17:10] Prokofy Neva: Let me take a chance on that skyline, it's only $289 hang on
[2021/10/26 17:11] Utopia: well i'm waiting
[2021/10/26 17:12] Prokofy Neva: ok put out your apartment again
[2021/10/26 17:14] Utopia: only that today I don't have a penny, tomorrow, if it is possible, I will pay for this texture
[2021/10/26 17:14] Prokofy Neva: it's ok
[2021/10/26 17:14] Prokofy Neva: hopefully I can use it elsewhere
[2021/10/26 17:21] Prokofy Neva: I am putting the panorama on "share"
[2021/10/26 17:21] Prokofy Neva: so you can move it around into place where it will look good
[2021/10/26 17:21] Prokofy Neva: it can't be right up close, it has to be moved out about 4 meters maybe
[2021/10/26 17:22] Utopia: Thank you very much, it is a pity that my apartment does not have such a beautiful conservatory as yours
[2021/10/26 17:23] Prokofy Neva: well you're welcome to take that one, you decide
[2021/10/26 17:23] Prokofy Neva: btw curved sometimes works better, I made a curved one
[2021/10/26 17:23] Prokofy Neva: you can move them in to place or if you don't like them return them
[2021/10/26 17:24] Prokofy Neva: I'm going to make one that has 14 different ones to change in awhile
[2021/10/26 17:24] Prokofy Neva: I have to go do some other chores now
[2021/10/26 17:24] Utopia: can your apartment copulate with mine, then it will be perfect
[2021/10/26 17:24] Prokofy Neva: well I can make the wall phantom to walk through
[2021/10/26 17:24] Prokofy Neva: it can't be cut up but it can be made phantom
[2021/10/26 17:25] Prokofy Neva: there's one problem if you want to have a radio stream tho, you can only have it on the parcel you rented, this square
[2021/10/26 17:25] Utopia: Thank you very much for your help and I'll try to do something here
[2021/10/26 17:25] Prokofy Neva: you can extend things out past the squre in a group, but then it's already another parcel with its radio stream
[2021/10/26 17:25] Prokofy Neva: so if you don't mind that it's doable
[2021/10/26 17:26] Prokofy Neva: you see how this Parisian of mine has a big end, that's because to make a panorama work, it has to be large so you can't see around it
[2021/10/26 17:26] Utopia: if it was possible that it is an orangery, we can cut everything here
[2021/10/26 17:27] Utopia: For me, this panorama is not a problem anymore, but which apartment to choose
[2021/10/26 17:33] Prokofy Neva: to make the two link, you have to make a wall on your apartment phantom to walk through in the hallway, do you know how to do this?
[2021/10/26 17:35] Prokofy Neva: I don't think it will be possible to link them up flush, only to put both of them with phantom walls to walk out of
[2021/10/26 17:35] Prokofy Neva: move yours all the way to the edge so the other one can go down side by side
[2021/10/26 17:36] Utopia: moment
[2021/10/26 17:39] Utopia: I put it to the very edge, but I don't know if it's what is needed
[2021/10/26 17:42] Utopia: I do not know how to thank you for your work, this does not happen often in sl
[2021/10/26 17:44] Prokofy Neva: ok this is how it has to be placed because see how the big part has to hang off the edge, it has to have space to make the window panorama work
[2021/10/26 17:47] Utopia: did I set it right?
[2021/10/26 17:47] Prokofy Neva: no you have to move it move so it isn't merged with the other
[2021/10/26 17:48] Utopia: is it okay now?
[2021/10/26 17:49] Utopia: Can I take you on my friends list?
[2021/10/26 17:49] Prokofy Neva: ok
[2021/10/26 17:49] Second Life: [X] is offering friendship.

Wollen wir Freunde sein?

(By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)
[2021/10/26 17:49] Second Life: Friendship offer accepted.
[2021/10/26 17:49] Prokofy Neva: I have to find a door to mark the place you walk through
[2021/10/26 17:53] Utopia: I don't know how to make a door in my house, it will be best if you do it, unfortunately I have no idea how to go about it
[2021/10/26 17:53] Prokofy Neva: well I can't edit your object
[2021/10/26 17:53] Prokofy Neva: but I will walk you through it
[2021/10/26 17:53] Prokofy Neva: where did you get this house?
[2021/10/26 17:54] Utopia: good, but if you have enough time, I'm not good at building
[2021/10/26 17:54] Prokofy Neva: where did you buy it?
[2021/10/26 17:56] Utopia: I bought from "CHINA & GOODIES" in the Marketplace
[2021/10/26 17:56] Prokofy Neva: I didn't see it on the MP is why I ask
[2021/10/26 17:57] Prokofy Neva: holy Toledo, $7850
[2021/10/26 17:57] Prokofy Neva: I'm afraid I couldn't buy that
[2021/10/26 17:57] Prokofy Neva: at least it's copy mod
[2021/10/26 17:57] Prokofy Neva: did you make a copy or keep a copy?
[2021/10/26 17:57] Utopia: I always manage to find something, I spend a lot of time looking at different pages
[2021/10/26 17:58] Prokofy Neva: geez for that price she should have put a goddamn panorama on the thing
[2021/10/26 17:58] Prokofy Neva: if you are sure you have a copy then I can walk you through editing
[2021/10/26 17:58] Utopia: I don't know if I have copies, I don't know how to check it
[2021/10/26 17:59] Prokofy Neva: well right click on the apartment now andn choose "copy"
[2021/10/26 17:59] Prokofy Neva: well she has re-deliver too so that's ok
[2021/10/26 18:00] Prokofy Neva: now I will show you the prim you need to work with
[2021/10/26 18:00] Prokofy Neva: right click and select "take" to put it back in inventory
[2021/10/26 18:00] Prokofy Neva: the copy I mean
[2021/10/26 18:00] Utopia: I can copy it if you want I can give it to you. You just have to tell me how he will do it
[2021/10/26 18:01] Prokofy Neva: you can't because it's not on transfer
[2021/10/26 18:01] Prokofy Neva: no one would put a $7800 item on transfer
[2021/10/26 18:02] Utopia: You're right, but I wouldn't have a problem with that, I would give this copy to someone
[2021/10/26 18:07] Prokofy Neva: you can't physically do it, it is not on transfer
[2021/10/26 18:07] Prokofy Neva: so see where the door has to go? I put a plywood prim
[2021/10/26 18:08] Utopia: just like you think
[2021/10/26 18:08] Prokofy Neva: oh actually she has a physics shell so that is a problem
[2021/10/26 18:08] Prokofy Neva: well do you mind walking out another way?
[2021/10/26 18:09] Prokofy Neva: do you know how to turn on highlight transparent
[2021/10/26 18:09] Prokofy Neva: then you can see the issue
[2021/10/26 18:09] Prokofy Neva: she has a transparent physics shell as many do to prevent you from falling out of the house
[2021/10/26 18:10] Utopia: do you mean such a red highlight
[2021/10/26 18:10] Prokofy Neva: the problem with mesh unlike prims is that it is all one piece, hard to edit, if we take the wall where I wanted and put that on phantom to walk through, that entire end is on phantom and you fall out, which means you then have to put a prim around it, which I can do, I just did on the other one
[2021/10/26 18:10] Prokofy Neva: yes
[2021/10/26 18:10] Prokofy Neva: red highlight
[2021/10/26 18:11] Prokofy Neva: but it looks to me on the other side you just remove one of her red panels and you can walk through, maybe not, in which can you have to edit the other wall to put it on phantom, unlink it, and check phantom
[2021/10/26 18:11] Prokofy Neva: but the biggest problem is that her physics shell over the windows makes it hard to walk out here, so I would remove that or put it on phantom
[2021/10/26 18:12] Prokofy Neva: if you want you can give me editing permission on your friendship card and I can try to edit myself
[2021/10/26 18:13] Prokofy Neva: that may be easier
[2021/10/26 18:13] Prokofy Neva: go on my friendship card
[2021/10/26 18:13] Prokofy Neva: go to the little cog at the top
[2021/10/26 18:13] Utopia: I really have no idea what you are talking about but I depend completely on your knowledge
[2021/10/26 18:13] Prokofy Neva: well you can revoke it afterwards
[2021/10/26 18:13] Prokofy Neva: you give me temporary permission to edit your objects
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: left click on my friendship card
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: go up to that little wheel on the top right
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: above groups
[2021/10/26 18:14] Utopia: I'm giving you permission, I just don't know how to do it
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: scroll down to "permissions" and check "edit my objects"
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: well I'm telling you
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: just go step by step
[2021/10/26 18:14] Prokofy Neva: left click on my friendship card
[18:14] Prokofy Neva: go up to that little wheel on the top right
[18:14] Prokofy Neva: above groups
[2021/10/26 18:15] Prokofy Neva: scroll down to "permissions" and check "edit my objects"\
[2021/10/26 18:15] Prokofy Neva: click "save"
[2021/10/26 18:17] Prokofy Neva: can you see it?
[2021/10/26 18:17] Utopia: moment
[2021/10/26 18:19] Utopia: what I was doing there but I don't know if it's okay
[2021/10/26 18:22] Second Life: [x]  has given you permission to edit their objects.
[2021/10/26 18:22] Utopia: ok
[2021/10/26 18:23] Utopia: whether it worked?
[2021/10/26 18:29] Prokofy Neva: yes
[2021/10/26 18:30] Prokofy Neva: ok hang on
[2021/10/26 18:30] Utopia: ok
[2021/10/26 18:39] Utopia: I think the passage to the conservatory does not fit in the bathroom
[2021/10/26 18:40] Utopia: in this place where I stand now, the wall can be broken
[2021/10/26 18:41] Prokofy Neva: why do you want that wall broken?
[2021/10/26 18:41] Utopia: it is best to tear down the entire wall
[2021/10/26 18:42] Prokofy Neva: this is just the problem, you cannot do it with mesh
[2021/10/26 18:42] Prokofy Neva: it is all one piece, the house
[2021/10/26 18:42] Prokofy Neva: not just this wall like a prim
[2021/10/26 18:42] Utopia: preferably such large, spacious doors
[2021/10/26 18:42] Prokofy Neva: the door is merely a marker of a place you walk through, any door can be put there if it is on phantom
[2021/10/26 18:43] Prokofy Neva: you cannot have an actual door because of the issue I am explaining, it's all one piece
[2021/10/26 18:43] Utopia: best do as you see fit
[2021/10/26 18:44] Prokofy Neva: you cannot take out one wall, the wall is connected to the ceiling, the door jambs etc etc
[2021/10/26 18:44] Prokofy Neva: it's not a prim house but mesh
[2021/10/26 18:44] Prokofy Neva: so the only thing possible is to turn it phantom to walk through
[2021/10/26 18:44] Prokofy Neva: you can't make doors into a mesh wall
[2021/10/26 18:45] Prokofy Neva: you should click "finish" on the rezzer to get rid of the building scripts
[2021/10/26 18:45] Utopia: should I delete this house?
[2021/10/26 18:45] Prokofy Neva: why?
[2021/10/26 18:46] Prokofy Neva: you can have these doors and walk from one to the other
[2021/10/26 18:46] Prokofy Neva: or let's see if the windows can be walked out of
[2021/10/26 18:46] Utopia: ok
[2021/10/26 18:48] Utopia: we have a problem, the feet are hidden in the floor in this apartment, maybe I did something wrong
[2021/10/26 18:48] Prokofy Neva: ok over here, there is a window that can be a door
[2021/10/26 18:48] Prokofy Neva: well it's just the physics, it has to be all shored up with prims once you put it on phantom, it takes awhile
[2021/10/26 18:48] Prokofy Neva: anyway here's a window that became a door
[2021/10/26 18:49] Prokofy Neva: so there's a door to walk outside, and I will leave the other door you can walk through
[2021/10/26 18:50] Utopia: ok
[2021/10/26 18:51] Utopia: can you see our feet now ;)
[2021/10/26 18:59] Prokofy Neva: look, the feet is the least of the problems and easily fixed
[2021/10/26 18:59] Prokofy Neva: first you have to get the unlinked prims to line up again, I have to do that first
[2021/10/26 19:00] Utopia: I'm a bit ashamed that I can't do anything, I've been in the service for a very long time and I really have no idea about anything. I don't know how I can repay you for what you do. You can always count on me
[2021/10/26 19:09] Utopia: I wonder that there are so many great creators in SL, each of them in real life could make a career in their field
[2021/10/26 19:11] Utopia: If I was the owner of, for example, a fashion house, I would come to SL and recruit fashion makers;)
[2021/10/26 19:15] Prokofy Neva: Hi, you need to click "finish" on the rezzer
[2021/10/26 19:15] Prokofy Neva: so that it can be edited
[2021/10/26 19:15] Prokofy Neva: click on the rezzer and select "finish"
[2021/10/26 19:15] Prokofy Neva: or "store"
[2021/10/26 19:16] Utopia: ich tat es
[2021/10/26 19:19] Utopia: It's a pity that the avatars don't have a soul;)
[2021/10/26 19:19] Utopia: it's a joke
[2021/10/26 19:25] Prokofy Neva: you know there are so many adjustment problems at this point, I should delete this and start over
[2021/10/26 19:25] Prokofy Neva: the problem is once you unlink a house it develops all these allignment problems
[2021/10/26 19:25] Prokofy Neva: so I would start with the window/door first
[2021/10/26 19:25] Prokofy Neva: so let's rez it again
[2021/10/26 19:29] Utopia: whatI pressed the finish
[2021/10/26 19:29] Prokofy Neva: yes click finish
[2021/10/26 19:29] Utopia: I pressed the finish if I did it right
[2021/10/26 19:29] Utopia: ok
[2021/10/26 19:29] Prokofy Neva: I'm puzzed about this one part she has you can't walk in
[2021/10/26 19:29] Prokofy Neva: and it's not because I edit ed it
[2021/10/26 19:30] Prokofy Neva: did you notice that before
[2021/10/26 19:31] Prokofy Neva: rez another copy on top of this one please
[2021/10/26 19:32] Utopia: should I do something now?
[2021/10/26 19:33] Prokofy Neva: rez another copy on top of this one
[2021/10/26 19:33] Prokofy Neva: so I can see why it is doing that
[2021/10/26 19:33] Prokofy Neva: whether editing the railing even slightly causes you not to be able to walk out the door elsewhere
[2021/10/26 19:33] Prokofy Neva: just stick it out to the side or on top doesn't matter
[2021/10/26 19:35] Utopia: now i'm lost, what should i do now?
[2021/10/26 19:36] Prokofy Neva: look you need to rez it ON TOP so that I can SEE it, ie ABOVE
[2021/10/26 19:36] Prokofy Neva: or to the side
[2021/10/26 19:36] Prokofy Neva: ok start over completely then
[2021/10/26 19:36] Prokofy Neva: I will try to see why you can't walk in that one part
[2021/10/26 19:37] Prokofy Neva: rez and click finish
[2021/10/26 19:37] Utopia: ok
[2021/10/26 19:39] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to [X]
[2021/10/26 19:40] Prokofy Neva: see what I mean
[2021/10/26 19:40] Prokofy Neva: this is how it is unedited
[2021/10/26 19:40] Prokofy Neva: and I wonder why
[2021/10/26 19:40] Prokofy Neva: because the door opens
[2021/10/26 19:40] Prokofy Neva: also the floor doesn't look finished
[2021/10/26 19:40] Prokofy Neva: maybe you are not meant to walk out
[2021/10/26 19:40] Utopia: I couldn't get in here from the very beginning, there are probably stairs to the apartment
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: well that's what I mean
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: it's like that
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: I thought it *got* like that because I edited the physics prim
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: but it's like that to start with
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: does it have more pieces?
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: you could just live with it
[2021/10/26 19:41] Prokofy Neva: my God this is a huge house and it's like a maze
[2021/10/26 19:42] Prokofy Neva: so that issue I don't want to mess with because these houses are not meant to be edited, ask the house maker
[2021/10/26 19:42] Prokofy Neva: meanwhile I will put a window to a door, and add the doors you can walk through and call it a day
[2021/10/26 19:43] Utopia: at first I thought it was a mistake, but after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that the person who built this apartment did not make the transition there deliberately. It's a pity you can't go in there
[2021/10/26 19:44] Prokofy Neva: I think there is more to this house tho reading the descrdiption
[2021/10/26 19:44] Prokofy Neva: did you put out all its parts?
[2021/10/26 19:44] Prokofy Neva: the only way to make it possible to go out there is to put the physics shell on phantom, then you fall through all the walls
[2021/10/26 19:44] Prokofy Neva: then you have to put prims on every wall and floor which is a long job I can't do now
[2021/10/26 19:44] Prokofy Neva: and it's not worth it
[2021/10/26 19:44] Prokofy Neva: just live with it
[2021/10/26 19:45] Prokofy Neva: pretend there is a ghost of a murdered maid there or something lol
[2021/10/26 19:45] Prokofy Neva: if you make it possible to go in there, you also have to put a rug, the floor looks unfinished
[2021/10/26 19:46] Utopia: I do not know if I will write to the creator of this apartment, I am not able to professionally describe what I mean
[2021/10/26 19:46] Prokofy Neva: does she have it on display in her store
[2021/10/26 19:46] Prokofy Neva: for $7800 she should be coming here in a limousine to fix it lol
[2021/10/26 19:47] Utopia: it's an expensive apartment but I really like it, I couldn't resist
[2021/10/26 19:49] Utopia: what should I write to him that I cannot enter one room ?
[2021/10/26 19:49] Prokofy Neva: yes say that the physics shell is preventing the entering of one room, but you can't put it on phantom or you will fall out of the house
[2021/10/26 19:49] Prokofy Neva: it's her bad editing, she needs to re-do it
[2021/10/26 19:49] Prokofy Neva: I can't do it without messing up the entire house again
[2021/10/26 19:51] Utopia: Could you write to him, so professionally, I would like to ask. It may be that he will not write back, I have already met such people here
[2021/10/26 19:52] Utopia: you can mess up as much as you like
[2021/10/26 19:53] Prokofy Neva: well let me check if one piece of it can be unlinked
[2021/10/26 19:54] Prokofy Neva: if she comes and sees it is edited she will say it's our fault
[2021/10/26 19:55] Utopia: I rather doubt that he will come here, you have to reckon with the fact that he may not have time or will
[2021/10/26 19:55] Prokofy Neva: yes few merchants make house calls
[2021/10/26 19:55] Prokofy Neva: but my God for $7800 she should
[2021/10/26 19:56] Prokofy Neva: that's nearly US $32
[2021/10/26 19:56] Prokofy Neva: did you click finish
[2021/10/26 19:58] Utopia: can you just write to him why this one room can't be used, is it intentionally done so
[2021/10/26 19:58] Prokofy Neva: no I don't want to get into it
[2021/10/26 19:58] Prokofy Neva: the building is on "lock" too, can you unclick "lock"
[2021/10/26 19:59] Prokofy Neva: click "finish" and make sure "lock" is not checked, I see it checked
[2021/10/26 19:59] Utopia: you can also live without this room;) there are quite a lot of them
[2021/10/26 19:59] Prokofy Neva: I would urge you to do that
[2021/10/26 20:00] Utopia: moment
[2021/10/26 20:00] Prokofy Neva: because if I unlink the physics prims either I have to make the rest phantom and then you fall through walls or it is still impossible to walk due to another problem, it's on convex hull
[2021/10/26 20:00] Prokofy Neva: if you're not going to add the elevator or stairs I could remove it
[2021/10/26 20:02] Utopia: I did not understand what should I unlock now?
[2021/10/26 20:02] Prokofy Neva: the entire house is on "lock"
[2021/10/26 20:02] Prokofy Neva: right click in "edit" and uncheck "lock"
[2021/10/26 20:04] Prokofy Neva: ok you can walk in that hallway
[2021/10/26 20:04] Prokofy Neva: but the doors are made so you cannot open them from the other side
[2021/10/26 20:04] Prokofy Neva: it wasn't meant to be walked in, probably it is supposed to have an elevator or something
[2021/10/26 20:05] Utopia: I pressed terraform, but I don't know if it's good
[2021/10/26 20:05] Prokofy Neva: no
[2021/10/26 20:05] Prokofy Neva: not the rezzer
[2021/10/26 20:05] Prokofy Neva: the house itself
[2021/10/26 20:06] Prokofy Neva: right click on the house itself
[2021/10/26 20:06] Prokofy Neva: go into edit
[2021/10/26 20:06] Prokofy Neva: find "lock" at the top and uncheck
[2021/10/26 20:06] Prokofy Neva: it's not vital
[2021/10/26 20:06] Prokofy Neva: it's just to help you not accidentally delete it
[2021/10/26 20:06] Prokofy Neva: but then you can't edit all of it like change the wallpaper etc
[2021/10/26 20:08] Utopia: sorry but where should I put this catch?
[2021/10/26 20:08] Prokofy Neva: never mind
[2021/10/26 20:08] Prokofy Neva: it's not worth it
[2021/10/26 20:08] Prokofy Neva: not needed now
[2021/10/26 20:12] Prokofy Neva: ok I have done all I can here
[2021/10/26 20:13] Prokofy Neva: you have a door to actually walk out of, and two to walk through
[2021/10/26 20:13] Prokofy Neva: so if you find a part of the house where you fall through or can't walk, mark it with a prim, I will adjust it
[2021/10/26 20:13] Prokofy Neva: I have to go help another tenant
[2021/10/26 20:15] Prokofy Neva: ok either you live without this hallway
[2021/10/26 20:15] Utopia: it is a pity that these houses cannot be connected together
[2021/10/26 20:15] Prokofy Neva: or you have walls you walk through completely not just a door
[2021/10/26 20:15] Prokofy Neva: you see?
[2021/10/26 20:16] Utopia: check everything in a moment, I got a little tired;) thank you very much
[2021/10/26 20:20] Utopia: hooray i'm in the middle :)))
[2021/10/26 20:21] Prokofy Neva: it's too hard to texture the floor because it's in pieces, maybe put a rug
[2021/10/26 20:21] Prokofy Neva: she had it coloured brown only
[2021/10/26 20:21] Utopia: perfekt
[2021/10/26 20:22] Utopia: You are a wizard
[2021/10/26 20:22] Prokofy Neva: ok well let me know if you see problems, I have to go now
[2021/10/26 20:22] Prokofy Neva: good luck!
[2021/10/26 20:24] Utopia: Thank you very much once again and you are just wonderful.
[2021/10/26 22:49] Prokofy Neva: Don't forget to revoke the permissions you gave to me, go on the cog wheel and uncheck permissions box.
[2021/10/26 22:49] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2021/10/27 14:39] Utopia: (Saved Wed Oct 27 12:47:46 2021)Hello, I hope I'm not disturbing you, if you find some time, please let me help you. I have a problem with one of the rooms, it had beautiful dark blue walls but unfortunately they are gray now. Maybe I will put this apartment all over again and if you had time, you could help me with this problem. I must add that all the walls are brighter than the original.
I thought about the conservatory, I know that it is not possible to connect these two objects together, it will not look perfect. I have a question and a great request to you, are you able to build a conservatory suitable for my apartment, naturally I will pay you for this work.
[2021/10/27 14:39] Utopia: (Saved Wed Oct 27 15:39:32 2021)I have one more request, you could take your items from my property, I wanted to send them back to you, but it doesn't work. I thought it over, your apartment unfortunately does not match mine. In addition to your cottage, there is also the door you put into my facility yesterday. I need these Prims, so I would ask for your intervention quickly. :)))
[2021/10/27 14:42] Prokofy Neva: Hi, no, I'm not a builder, and cannot build a house like that, I can only modify them. No, it is not possible to join these two buildings without having to turn everything phantom to walk through, and spending hours of work putting prims in everywhere which I cannot justify doing. The management prims don't count on your count, so you don't have to worry about them taking away your prims. But if you want the Parisian apartment and doors removed anyway, they can be removed. I don't know why the walls are grey, I will have to investigate it but I didn't change anything. But when you unlink a building to do one thing, other problems can occur elsewhere. So I will check it soon.
[2021/10/27 14:50] Prokofy Neva: Hi, so I'm seeing the blue walls exactly the same blue as they were yesterday, I'm not sure if that's because you rezzed another copy of the apartment out -- it looks like you did because of all the flickering textures on the roof. If you don't see it as blue, it's something to do with your viewer. Here is how it looks:
[2021/10/27 14:50] Prokofy Neva:
[2021/10/27 14:51] Utopia: hello unfortunately I can't delete your apartment if you could take it. There is no problem with this building, but if you could move the teleport to my house, I'll show you where. How can it be just this panorama from Paris
[2021/10/27 14:51] Prokofy Neva: if you want me to check the modified apartment underneath, I need you to remove the second copy and give me back permissions again to try to change to just that colour
[2021/10/27 14:51] Prokofy Neva: you can't delete my objects or return group set objects or people would delete or return rental boxes and lots of things, there is no such power given out
[2021/10/27 14:52] Utopia: You don't have to change the color anymore, that's fine
[2021/10/27 14:52] Prokofy Neva: ok but if you rezzed a new copy, I need to delete the old copy I spent hours working on so that you don't have all this flickering texture
[2021/10/27 14:53] Prokofy Neva: and also so that you don't use up 202 of your prims on a 2nd copy. But I can't see it to delete it with the other copy on it
[2021/10/27 14:53] Prokofy Neva: so you have to raise your second copy up
[2021/10/27 14:53] Utopia: I just wanted to introduce the teleport to the house, I don't have stairs;)
[2021/10/27 14:54] Prokofy Neva: well look Utopia, you're proving to me again that when you do one favour for people, they endlessly ask you more and more and never even give you a 25L tip which is what I usually ask for small jobs, although what I did yesterday was spend hours
[2021/10/27 14:54] Prokofy Neva: so once again, you have to lift up your new copy so I can delete the old copy
[2021/10/27 14:54] Utopia: what am I supposed to do now, in order
[2021/10/27 14:54] Prokofy Neva: since you decided to live with the house as is for the sake of the blue walls apparently
[2021/10/27 14:54] Prokofy Neva: although they could likely be put back, I'd have to see
[2021/10/27 14:55] Prokofy Neva: just pick up the new copy you put down so I can see the old copy I modified
[2021/10/27 14:56] Utopia: You are a very strange man, I don't want to do anything anymore, I just want to stop the teleport, I would be very grateful and you really helped me yesterday
[2021/10/27 14:57] Prokofy Neva: I'm hardly strange after helping you modify your houses many ways for hours yesterday? Are you serious? If you want to live with your house as is, and don't care to have two copies flickering which is annoying, and using up 202 more prims, that's your call
[2021/10/27 14:57] Prokofy Neva: as I said, my extra sandbox does not count, you can have that without counting, but if you don't want it, I can remove it
[2021/10/27 14:57] Prokofy Neva: as for teleporters on your floors, I can't do that right now
[2021/10/27 14:58] Prokofy Neva: if you want the teleporter moved from the platform into your house for some reason, I will put it on share, you can move it where you like it
[2021/10/27 14:59] Utopia: this apartment of yours is really beautiful but I paid too much for my one and therefore please take your apartment. Two apartments look a bit strange;)
[2021/10/27 15:00] Prokofy Neva: well in a skybox you don't look outside. And it could also be put underneath the platform if you do look outside, and a teleporter put between them, which is really what should have been done in the first place
[2021/10/27 15:01] Utopia: great with this teleport, how can i move it?
[2021/10/27 15:01] Prokofy Neva: you right click and move it like you move anything, it's put on share
[2021/10/27 15:01] Utopia: moment
[2021/10/27 15:04] Utopia: the teleport doesn't work and I have one more problem. I had to delete this apartment, because in one of the rooms there was a changed wallpaper and now this room that you made yesterday so that the power to enter there does not work
[2021/10/27 15:04] Prokofy Neva: well that was fixable but anyway, I'm done trying to fix your $7800 apartment, contact its maker
[2021/10/27 15:04] Prokofy Neva: you need to make sure you have the group tag on to be able to move an object in share
[2021/10/27 15:05] Prokofy Neva: you just right click and move it like anything
[2021/10/27 15:05] Prokofy Neva: I put it in the hallway, just come closer to it and move it
[2021/10/27 15:07] Utopia: If you can see me where I'm standing, that's where I wanted to put this teleport
[2021/10/27 15:07] Prokofy Neva: then you will move it there, it's on share
[2021/10/27 15:08] Prokofy Neva: right click, drag it, you need to learn simple things like that
[2021/10/27 15:09] Prokofy Neva: ok now there is the apartment underneath so you can't see it, and it is the location "Orangerie". So when you want to go there, you will just click on the teleporter and select "Orangerie". The end!
[2021/10/27 15:10] Prokofy Neva: it does not count on your count
[2021/10/27 15:10] Prokofy Neva: I have to go help some other customers now
[2021/10/27 15:10] Utopia: I would like to thank you again for everything and I hope that I will live well here
[2021/10/27 15:11] Prokofy Neva: I know that you will refund by tomorrow because I have vast experience in my 17 years of working as a landlord, and every once in awhile I test the idea of whether people will endlessly keep asking impossible things forever, and the answer is: yes they will lol.
[2021/10/27 15:13] Prokofy Neva: there is a simple lesson you need to learn which hopefully you will learn: if you unlock mesh houses with physics shells, you risk parts of it changing in unexpected ways. But those changed parts are fixable usually by merely checking or unchecking "full bright" on the edit menu, that's all. But I'm afraid I'm done experimenting on your ridiculously expensive house, you really should not fear contacting the merchant with complaints after paying that huge sum, write in any language, they should translate, not you, for those prices.
[2021/10/27 15:15] Utopia: I don't understand what's going on with the money, what am I supposed to return by tomorrow? I've already paid my rent for the whole week. Maybe I missed something
[2021/10/27 15:19] Prokofy Neva: well use Google translate, you don't have to do anything. What I'm saying is that I find it very common when I do a lot of custom work for customers that they simply refund the next day, they cannot be made happy. But if you are happy then you stay, it's up to you. Fortunately my rentals are refundable.
[2021/10/27 15:20] Utopia: unfortunately the teleport does not work, I landed on the roof of your apartment
[2021/10/27 15:23] Utopia: that's how it is in SL, that people often change their place, you are a bit strange today, I have to be very cool not to explode;)
[2021/10/27 15:23] Utopia: what will happen with this teleport ?
[2021/10/27 15:30] Utopia: I don't know if you are doing anything to me on purpose today, I have never done anything to you. Teleport does not work as it should when I'm in another place and want to my apartment, it loads on the roof of your apartment
[2021/10/27 15:52] Prokofy Neva: You have got to be kidding me. My behaviour is completely normal. The normal reaction anyone would have after doing hours of work which was then deleted. But I'm used to it. Nothing has been done to you deliberately. The teleporter was put on the floor normally. I don't know why you are landing on the roof, it makes no sense, but likely once again it is due to the physics shell on your expensive apartment. So the solution is simple, to move it farther down, which I will do.
[2021/10/27 15:52] Prokofy Neva: The physics shell displaces avatars
[2021/10/27 15:52] Prokofy Neva: also I can't be sure you moved the teleporter that goes in your apartment to the right place? Did you?
[2021/10/27 15:53] Prokofy Neva: I just tested your teleporters and everything worked normally for me
[2021/10/27 15:54] Utopia: maybe you can have a cup of tea :)
[2021/10/27 15:54] Prokofy Neva: I think that's what you need hon, I'm fine, and everything is working for me
[2021/10/27 15:55] Prokofy Neva: I am moving the apartment down further in case your AO or physics are interfering for you
[2021/10/27 15:55] Prokofy Neva: Honest to God, it is working absolutely normally
[2021/10/27 15:56] Prokofy Neva: call one of your friends to test it if you don't believe me
[2021/10/27 15:56] Prokofy Neva: there is no landingn on a roof or anything
[2021/10/27 15:56] Prokofy Neva: so it's on your side, perhaps an AO or something else. So I moved the apartment down annd away from your ridiculously expensive apartment.

the teleport works only when I am on another island and want to return to the apartment, unfortunately I am on this platform and not at the house. I don't have stairs and that's a bit of a problem. I don't want to disturb you, you have a lot of work to organize it all
[16:05] Prokofy Neva: Utopia
[16:05] Utopia: ?
[16:06] Prokofy Neva: if you mean "teleport the function" and not "teleporter the item," that's for YOU to change
[16:06] Prokofy Neva: you stand on your land where you always want to land to come back home, and you click "set landing"
[16:07] Prokofy Neva: the rental is set to land on the ground and use the teleporter; if you want to land in the sky in your house or any place, you yourself set the landing point after you have changed to resident tag to use that power
[16:07] Prokofy Neva: you need to learn how to change your title so you can access the powers of ban, media, set landing, change parcel name etc
[16:07] Prokofy Neva: if you didn't read the cards I sent you, understood, I will send a picture
[16:08] Prokofy Neva: as for stairs, I cannot help you. If your skybox has two floors, ask the maker whether he has stairs or an elevator
[16:08] Inventory item 'NEW How to Change Group Title' offered
[16:09] Utopia: Thank you, I will try to do it, I have one more question if I can put my apartment in the dome instead of a platform, then I have the option to put a view outside the window or just the stars;)
[16:10] Prokofy Neva: 1) change your group title from Inquilix to Residente on the group mennu 2) stand inside your house where you always want to return 3) click on the "i" at the top of the screen nto get the "about land menu" and tab over to "options" and click "set" at landing point
[16:11] Prokofy Neva: if all this seems hard, understood, but you are living in cheap Mainland rentals for 0.7/prim, on self-service. So you have to learn how to do a few things to serve yourself.
[16:11] Prokofy Neva: If at any time you are unhappy with your self service, you refund
[16:12] Prokofy Neva: As for a dome, that will be 25L to add to your house. It has no city scapes, only skies. It is very hard to put panoramas on to a large, curved dome as I explained yesterday. I certainly won't spend the time making one. Look on the MP to see if someone has made one for sale

[16:25] Utopia: I will be looking, maybe I will find a suitable one, now I am in my second house;) I also like it very much. It's hard for me to give it up, I don't know if it was a good decision with this apartment, so much greenery here on the island.

[16:28] Utopia: maybe you know how much your own island costs

[16:43] Utopia:

[16:43] Utopia: will this dome be appropriate?

[16:51] Prokofy Neva: It's cheap and not high quality and only has skies with stars

[16:52] Prokofy Neva: it does not have cityscapes

[16:52] Prokofy Neva: you can't just stick a cityscape picture into it and have it work, although it's on mod, you could try

[16:54] Prokofy Neva: Utopia, you are not on an island. You are on the Mainland. It is contiguous. Go downstairs and look at it, it has other sims adjacent to it

[16:55] Prokofy Neva: it cost me $32,000 Lindens because it was abandoned and no one wants it. It was a stark pink mountain that cost tens of thousands of Linden dollars to decorate and put houses. Learn the value of things. If you have the money to buy a $7850 skybox, then move to an island where the Concierge will do everything for you, but then the rent is way higher.

[16:57] Prokofy Neva: To buy an island from Linden Lab you need US $349 set-up fee and tier $229 per month after that, but Mainland is only $1/m or less and only  $175 tier per month.

[16:58] Utopia: I know that I am on the continent, in my first years in SL I visited islands and continents. I thought you might be concerned about how much your own island might cost, I mean the whole island but no problem if you don't.
I will be looking for a suitable dome, maybe I will be lucky and I will find a suitable one.
[17:01] Utopia: In my opinion, this is a dirty rip-off, such prices
[17:07] Utopia: Ich habe eine passende Kuppel gefunden {I have found a suitable dome]
[17:07] Utopia:
[17:12] Utopia:
[17:20] Prokofy Neva: No, it's not a dirty rip-off because there is no socialist paradise willing to pay for all this, it costs money, it costs servers and labour, and it's actually quite a reasonable price for what it is

[17:21] Prokofy Neva: You are on a lot that is roughly 64 x 64 paying 0.7/prim, $700/1000 prims. You cannot put a 100 x 100 dome meant to cover an entire sim, not just one parcel, on your rental, no
[17:22] Prokofy Neva: I do not have entire sims to rent, you can go look for them, they cost a lot more
[17:22] Prokofy Neva: try to learn to be happy with what you are willing to pay for
[17:23] Prokofy Neva: the largest dome that you can reasonably put on your parcel is 52 x 52 perhaps although 64 x 64 is ok because it can overlap a little but certainly nothing 100 x 100, that's not on
[17:23] Prokofy Neva: I have to go now

[20:22] Utopia: (Saved Wed Oct 27 20:27:01 2021)You have your opinion and I have mine, this is just a game. In SL, everyone is here for a different reason and that is the exploitation of people. These prices are a matter of control that someone usurps for himself
[20:22] Utopia: (Saved Wed Oct 27 20:33:34 2021)"try to learn to be happy with what you are willing to pay for" it is not a matter of willingness to pay, but a moral matter.
[20:22] Utopia: (Saved Wed Oct 27 21:06:10 2021)I wanted to apologize for my behavior, I have such a nasty character and sometimes I get involved in things I shouldn't.
[20:38] Prokofy Neva: I'm sorry, I don't share your socialist worldview for many reasons. I'm a registered Democrat. SL is not a game, as some people use it for real purposes such as education or making a living. My rentals are on self-service and they are open to anyone who can abide by a simple set of rules. The end.

Again, I'd point out that rapturous, overblown praise of a person and talk of the soul are actually markers for people who are selfish and unkind, I often find. And someone suddenly self-flagellating in seeming sudden self-awareness that they are in fact nasty and "go too far" -- these are markers for people who actually have not learned a thing about what they really are like, which is basically, supremely selfish and unaware assholes.

I fail to see why I should give up in taxes my hard-earned money in real life, or even the pennies of virtual life, so that some certain class of self-appointed "avance guarde" can have expensive realistic skyboxes for far less than the hundreds of real dollars a month it does cost LOL. Or Hausmann apartments in real life. Or even a baguette. The baguettes in my RL store, nearly always stale by the time I can get there, are US $4.38. Thus, this rental, after tier is paid, doesn't even have enough left over to buy even half a baguette.

Prediction: this person will refund by tomorrow and go live on an island with a Concierge type landlord.

My gains (not really): 2 days of a $700/wk rental or about US 12 cents (so far). Which doesn't cover tier. (A 4096 costs US $10.94 per month. Therefore a $700/1000 Linden rental with 10% discount for 4 weeks in advance barely covers tier required to pay LL. As I've often cautioned, the margins are extremely slim or non-existing, which is why you need a mixture of activities, cheap and expensive rentals, content sales, tip jars, etc.)

My losses: more than FOUR HOURS of time spent (!) wrangling physics shells plus $L289 spent on skyline textures lol.

I do think I might use some of them elsewhere, however.




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